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Paul M. Galaforo Jr.

A love of business ignited in Paul’s veins in the third grade and grew from vision to reality in 2005 with the venture Foreclosure Relief. He learned through the process and, in 2008, got his first commercial construction job at Hahnville High. With experience and time comes the humility to know you are only as good as the people you surround yourself with. These people compliment you. They complete you. They make you whole. That is Paul’s keystone vision: that you have to invest in people. He has built a team that allows him to focus on the future of the company through diverse ventures that will benefit his entire Galaforo Companies family. This allows him to be selective, and this selectiveness shows in results like $1.2 million in jobs for 2012 grown into $2 million in jobs just in the four months since the company has moved to its new offices. Paul believes you have to do the work. You have to not only get the book; you have to read it. You have to recognize what you don’t know and delegate to those that do.  You have to build a machine while also taking the necessary risks to better the company.

Frank Galaforo

Frank loves building things and has since he picked up his first Lego.  As Vice-President, he vets project and strives to understand every plan better than the person who designed it. Whether it's making phone calls or reviewing paperwork, he ensures precision to ensure certitude. He has pride in the project and loves seeing the process of things from plan to finished product. He is an improviser and a problem solver polished with composure. This makes him smart enough to know which opportunities to take and which to leave on the table because Frank’s goal is greatness for the company measured in building something that everyone wants to see.

Juno Aguilar

Chief Superintendent Juno has served the company ten years and is the example of the American Dream. Immigrating from Honduras with nothing, Juno has overcome obstacles and grown from being a part of a crew to running a crew. He selects and directs personnel and ensures crews are supplied with tools and material to complete the job to his high standards. Family is his greatest motivation and the team at the Galaforo Companies are his family. He has learned English through immersion and gives back to learning by sponsoring the education of a child back in Honduras. Juno believes in determination and in not leaving others behind. He sees the company as that of equals motivated by the cause of shared success.

Jason Matherne

For over a year, Jason has been Project Manager for the company. He has an instinct for business and negotiating integral in the acquisition of new business and projects for the company. With a family background in the industry and his analytical mind, he has an uncanny knack for bidding which has snared the company $2 million of work in less than 18 months. He builds flexibility into the business that allows him to read the situation and adapt the plan of the job as needed. This flexibility also allows him to spend time with his family while having the satisfaction of growing a business in a competitive field.

Nestor Moya

Nestor has been around since the beginning and as Consultant for the company, he adapts to many responsibilities. Nestor believes in people and that connecting with those people allows them to share in success that is mutually beneficial. He views these connections as vital to his own growth. He surrounds himself with people he can learn from. He connects the company with people in the community that are necessary to build the vision he has for the future. The future is never finished. He is a strategist, a planner, and a problem solver because, as he puts it, “There is always a solution.” 

Katelyn and Ricky

Interning with the company since January, provides these two young adults the flexibility of being able to complete their education while learning skills in a dynamic and quickly growing business.  Whether it is Katelyn’s responsibilities as Administrative Assistant handling tasks like organization and phone calls or Ricky’s responsibilities organizing back of house and assisting while learning on job sites, these two people represent the future of the Galaforo Companies’ growth into the next generation.  They are the test pilot for tomorrow.  Katelyn studies business and values perseverance and the courage to make bold choices.  Ricky enjoys learning hands on to understand the visual and mechanical aspects of the work he does to achieve the goals he has set for himself.

Ryan Vidal, Attorney/CPA

Dual licensed Attorney and CPA who is well versed in all aspects of business. Well rounded in contract negotiation, drafting various agreements, including Non-Disclosure Agreements, Sales and Service Agreements. Expert in the areas of asset protection and tax planning for business level income tax as well as sales and use tax. Extensive hands-on experience in management, business leadership, and working with Executives, Board of Directors, Banks, and Attorneys. Solid planning and organizational skills in coordinating all aspects of assigned projects from inception through completion. Well-disciplined in the areas of accounting, finance, tax, and law, with proven ability to manage multiple assignments efficiently under extreme pressure while meeting tight deadline schedules. Strong team builder and facilitator, fosters an atmosphere that encourages staff to balance skills with maximum production. Ascertains needs and goals of an organization as well as automate and streamline. Effectively communicates direction, commits people to action, and conveys complex information in an easily understood format.

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